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Arts, Mindfulness & The Ageing Brain is an inaugural curation at Mind Arts Experiential Lab (MAE Lab) showcasing artworks exploring the link between mental wellness and the arts. Our aim was to empower visitors to take ownership of their emotional and cognitive wellbeing.


As an Academic Fellow at the Department of Psychological Medicine, National University Singapore I contributed to the exhibition with “The Embodied Space” programme. It consists of  interdisciplinary work on the mind-body-space topic that I produced during the academic visit : a photo series, two videos, interactive/experiential activities, and a handbook.


Contemporary urban environments either over or under stimulate our senses, causing physical, mental and emotional stress. “The Embodied Space” part of the exhibition aims not only to enrich visitors’ awareness and appreciation of the urban environment, but also to inspire architects and practitioners of related disciplines to design more holistic living environments.


Play consists of 67 activities that aim to inspire visitors to mindfully observe their immediate surroundings as well as their feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations. By scanning one of the 67 QR codes on the wall one receives activity instructions and performs it where and when it works best for them. After the activity is completed one is encouraged to reflect on what the experience has brought to them so far and what works best for them towards creating a healthy and meaningful life in the city.