The future of urban living.
“In tune with the environment, others & ourselves.”

Anja Humljan is a human architect restoring connections with yourself and the environment by mindfully observing own senses and mind. It is then in your gift to reduce stress, enhance wellbeing, and suitably retouch your environment. Anja is the founder of Retouch and works as a consultant, program facilitator, and visual creator. She described her work in the book The Urban Yoga

Join her on this important journey!


“Read between the (sky)lines”

Bursting with breathtaking photography from New York, Madrid, Paris, and Ljubljana, Anja Humljan’s book is taking you on an epic journey celebrating your whole body and all of your senses. This collection of captivating photos and informative texts will not only inspire architects and practitioners of related disciplines to design more holistic environments, but will enrich anyone’s awareness and appreciation of the urban environment.

Hone your senses to this world and restore connections with yourself and the environment!




“Grow your art collection.”

A world of a deep contemplation of space through the body is unveiled in these captivating photos. Series after series we are witnessing Anja’s body becoming an architectural feature providing an extra dimension for exploring the contexts and the evolution of urban environments. From New York to Singapore these fine art prints are truly inspiring.

The perfect gift for anyone with an interest in architecture, design, art, or wellbeing!