A very bendy architect.
“Inspiring urban wellbeing.”

Discover the world of Anja Humljan, a globally acclaimed artist known for her captivating work in photography, design and architecture. As the founder of retouch Anja specialises in creating spaces that enhance your wellbeing. Delve into the beauty of her renowned book and photo series The Urban Yoga, where ancient mindfulness meets the vibrant energy od city life.



“A message so positive that it cannot be ignored.”



The Urban Yoga book empowers you to discover mindfulness, balance and well-being amidst the bustling city life. Anja Humljan’s unique perspective helps you understand how architectural design can profoundly influence your daily experiences, leading you to a more harmonious and fulfilling urban experience.


“The ultimate balance between a woman and architecture.”



Through a stunning collection of The Urban Yoga Photographs, Anja Humljan beautifully showcases the fusion of ancient mindfulness with vibrant energy of city life. These captivating photos not only celebrate the human spirit, but also serve as a testament to the power of finding peace, reflection and balance amidst the dynamic rhythm of modern cities.