A very bendy architect.
“Designing sensory experiences at her best.”

Anja Humljan’s work is globally recognised within the field of photography and architecture. As the founder of retouch she is the leading expert in adapting architecture for sensory diversity. She is the artist behind the book & photo series The Urban Yoga.



“A message so positive that it cannot be ignored.”



As a Human Architect Anja advocates architecture that adapts to people’s sensory needs rather than architecture that makes people adapt to its trends. For 10 years she has been creating The Urban Yoga Photos inspiring architects to design a more human-friendly architecture as well as enriching people’s awareness of the effects that architecture has on our well-being.


“The ultimate balance between a woman and architecture.”



Anja’s deep contemplation of space through her insane physique is unveiled in these captivating limited edition prints. We are witnessing Anja becoming an architectural feature perfected by the artist herself. From Singapore to Western Sahara these collectable pieces are a gem.