A very bendy architect.
“Designing multi-sensory experiences at her best.”

Anja Humljan’s work is globally recognised within the field of photography and architecture. As the founder of retouch she is the leading expert in adapting architectural spaces for sensory diversity to bring more health & less stress to the people. She is an international author of the book & photo series The Urban Yoga. Her unique approach to finding balance in modern cities was featured in 200+ publications worldwide. Anja grew up as a professional athlete and dancer holding several track and field records. To the projects  she brings her passion, authenticity and a witty sense of humour. She empowers clients with her diverse international experiences collaborating with art & design institutions, schools & universities, research & healthcare centres, commercial brands, and private clients.



“Read between the skylines”

With breathtaking photography and informative texts Anja Humljan’s book is taking you on an epic journey from New York to Madrid, Paris, and Ljubljana. The Urban Yoga book has been inspiring architects to design more holistic environments as well as enriching everyone’s awareness and appreciation of the urban environment.



“Grow your art collection.”

A world of a deep contemplation of space through the body is unveiled in these captivating photos. Series after series we are witnessing Anja’s body becoming an architectural feature providing an extra dimension for exploring the contexts and the evolution of urban environments. From New York to Singapore these fine art prints are truly inspiring.