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We contributed towards creating an edition of a Japanese TV show ITTEQ; the most widely viewed show in Japan reaching a viewing audience of 20 million people. The ITTEQ show is about a group of Japanese celebrities traveling the world, taking part in and reporting on extraordinary challenges and experiences.

Meeting the Japanese celebrities – The Urban Yogis for the day.

We curated a The Urban Yoga (TUY) adventure around Ljubljana, Slovenia guiding the crew through the process of the making of TUY photo series. We set the experience around Ljubljana’s architecturally significant locations, giving the celebrities an opportunity to (re)create some of the significant TUY photos at each of the locations.

Lesson #1: Introduction to the art of being The Urban Yogini
Stretching time.
Bonding time.


Metelkova City is an autonomous social & cultural centre in Ljubljana, located on the site of former military barracks. They are now holding a range of activities, such as artists studios, designer spaces, cultural organisations’ offices, concert halls and clubs featuring different types of live music.

Referential photo: TUY Paris #3

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Demonstrating – explaining the grip.
Celebrity (re)creating a TUY photo.
Celebrity (re)creating a TUY photo.
Well done!

LOCATION #2: METELKOVA CITY (Basketball Court)

Referential photo: TUY Madrid #12

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Demonstrating the making of TUY photos.
Just hanging in there.
Celebrity in the process of (re)creating a TUY photo.
Celebrity (re)creating a TUY photo.


Vurnik House is situated in a brightly coloured Art Nouveau quarter in the centre of Ljubljana. Built in 1921 and designed by architect Ivan Vurnik the building has been declared as national heritage. It is considered to be one of the finest examples of Slovenian national style architecture. The building’s facade frescoes and geometric ornaments in red, white and blue, mixed with motifs of Slovenian iconography are the work of the architect’s wife Helena Vurnik.

Referential photo: TUY Madrid #10

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Celebrities (re)creating a TUY photo.


Built on the site of a medieval monastery, the building designed by Vladimir Šubic opened in 1933. It was celebrated as the tallest building in Yugoslavia and for some years also as the tallest residential building in all of Europe. Nebotičnik skyscraper is home to a variety of shops on the ground floor and first storey, and various offices are located on floors two to five. The sixth to ninth floors are private residences and ten to twelve are dedicated to a café and a restaurant.

Referential photo: TUY for 100 Faces of Ljubljana

TUY for 100 Faces of Ljubljana
Celebrities (re)creating a TUY photo. 


The prominent Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik concentrated his efforts on remaking the Ljubljanica river embankments from 1931 to 1945. The park for the upper reaches of the river encounters a soothing succession of low, shallow terraces, which follow the gentle curve of the river. With gently sloping hedge-lined paths easily accessible from the surrounding streets, the terraces are inviting the citizens to relax, play and be in a more direct contact with nature.

Referential photo: TUY Ljubljana #1

TUY Ljubljana #1 fine art print here.
Stretching and planning the next photo with the ITTQ crew.
Observing the making of TUY photos.
Celebrities (re)creating a TUY photo.
A group photo (in the making) with the ITTEQ crew.

Would you like to collaborate in the making of The Urban Yoga photos in the city of your choice? Get in touch – we’d love to create a the TUY photo series with you!