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I hope you had a calm weekend and you are ready to embrace the beauty of the festive week that is ahead of us.

I was really happy to see so many of you participating in our giveaway, sharing the message of The Urban Yoga. Thank you all, I really appreciate you being here. That being said, it is really exciting for me to announce the two lucky urban yogis, who will each receive one of the amazing UY prints of their choice: Jack Reason and TCör! Congratulations, I am so happy for you, guys!

A community sense is really important to me. Therefore, I would like to give all of you, who were here first, supporting and believing in The Urban Yoga project – a Christmas present beforehand. I uploaded one of my favorite photos for you to download and make your desktop peaceful and bright. I am dedicating this beautiful and tranquil image to you, sharing the message, that no matter how hectic the city can get during holidays all is in its place, there is no need to move anything, just observe and smile. All is good.

I kindly invite you to keep spreading the good vibes of The Urban Yoga on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Having such inspiring individuals and organizations around is the best Christmas gift I could get. Only together, we can make The Urban Yoga Book into a reality.

Peaceful holidays, everyone!

~ Anja