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Zen Zone is the first health & wellness travel company in Slovenia to present its guests with a range of travel experiences and healing programs for prevention of lifestyle diseases that come as a result of our modern stressful way of life.

Living a healthy and meaningful life in the city is challenging. It is completely normal that we sometimes feel caught in a habitual lifestyle, experiencing days as fleeting, passing by too fast and unnoticed. But, if this lasts for a long time, it can lead to a sense of meaninglessness, exhaustion and even sickness.

Anja’s experience as an architect exploring the relationship between physical environment and psychosocial wellness and a mindfulness and yoga teacher of 17 years, brought her to a realisation that as urban dwellers we need to take one step further. She created the Mind-Body-Space program to systematically guide you towards establishing a mind-body connection as well as a connection to the space around you as perceived by the senses.

Neja and Lara from Zen Zone with Anja

This is where Zen Zone and Anja Humljan come together. We organised a “Mind Body Space” retreat at Villa Fabiani, a romantic and peaceful boutique estate and a cultural monument situated in the heart of the enchanting Karst region of Slovenia. This 600 years old vineyard estate consists of a farm mansion with the main courtyard, where the old Mulberry has been reigning for centuries.

Villa Fabiani and the old Mulberry

Villa Fabiani is the birthplace of a famous Slovene architect Max Fabiani and is, therefore, a protected cultural monument. Villa Fabiani is a love story of the Karst and its people from Trieste’s flourishing times. As such Villa Fabiani made a perfect setting for taking our guests on a love story of their own …

600 years old vineyard estate

… Imagine a journey consisting of a Sitting practice kindly welcoming all your thoughts and emotions, a Body scan bringing a friendly awareness to a whole range of bodily sensations, a Yoga flow gently stretching the body and awakening the senses …

… Imagine a journey consisting of Spatial sensing bringing you closer to a mesmerising experience of the magical environment, exploring it through touch and movement and last, but not least, a reflection of the unforgettable journey by writing a letter to yourself.

A “Mind Body Space” retreat takes a couple of days, but is a lifelong investment. By joining this captivating journey our guests plant a seed towards healthier and more meaningful life in the city.

Would you like to get inspired by your inner world as well as your surroundings? Just get in touch – we would love you as our guest.


Photo credits: Teotim Logar & Villa Fabiani