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This one is to you. My dear backers from all over the world, I have an awesome surprise for you. As you wake up today, you can brag and say: I backed the art project of the day on Kickstarter. I am overwhelmed. And really excited for The Urban Yoga slowly, but surely becoming recognized for its beauty and immense potential.

As I started out, that was more than ten years ago, all I had was this strong force within me showing me the direction, but nothing more. So, when people asked me as to what I was doing or where I was headed, all I could say was: there is something that I feel I need to do and I know it is going to be awesome and unique. I was going to become a mosaic of all the skills that were meant to define me.

Since then It has been as if I have been having love affairs with my creative projects. I have been intensely loyal to them. In the good and in the bad. I have committed to spending time with them each day. From early morning till the very dawn. I can feel them. So, no wonder The Urban Yoga is all about feeling. Feeling with your whole body, mind and soul. Feeling the inner and the outer world, striving towards a balance.

I invite you to check out one of my first attempts into the field of experimental architecture. The architecture of the senses. It is here, where the project that you are now an important part of, begun. The Urban Yoga.

NoRA, Venice Architectural Biennial, Aalborg School for Architecture and Design, Denmark.